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About gsp Städtebau.

As an equity-financed business enterprise, gsp Städtebau is a specialist in collaborating with international project partners. Effective project development – particularly in the real estate industry – requires the generation of viable solutions as well as the ability to integrate critical parties into the project environment. Within the firm, gsp Städtebau houses all project-relevant and necessary skills and competencies for the supervision and controlling of external partners as well as international experts.


First-rate project development lives from expertise and competence. Do you have what it takes? As an all-around talent, you possess extensive professional experience and knowledge in all areas and phases of project development. You are a specialist in the areas of management, sales, architecture, civil engineering, building law or planning. You understand and view customer orientation as a quality benchmark. You have a gift for communication and an insight to human nature that enables you to remain professional and focused, even in the most demanding of situations.

We accept written applications only. Please send them to:
gsp Städtebau GmbH
Jägerstraße 51
10117 Berlin

gsp Städtebau GmbH