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the user remains in the center
of the project development.

Property project development.

At gsp STÄDTEBAU , the user remains in focus during the entire project development process of a property. User orientation promotes and supports the sustainable creation of value throughout the entire life cycle of a property. This is reflected in quality architecture and far-sighted planning. It also leads to a strong sense of identification with the property, be it "my house", "my workplace", "our investment", or an urban structure of distinguishing significance and character such as, for example, the Neues Kranzler Eck.

gsp STÄDTEBAU provides maximum investment security to purchasers as well as institutional and private investors. At gsp STÄDTEBAU, the skills and expertise relevant for professional and effective project development are consolidated together under one roof: a fundamental necessity for the supervision and controlling of external partners and service providers. gsp STÄDTEBAU, as an equity-financed business enterprise, lives, breathes and offers cost-conscious and thorough controlling during all phases of project development and implementation.

‘Cost-conscious and thorough controlling of all aspects of project development and implementation is second nature at gsp STÄDTEBAU.’

Innovative strength and openness for sustainable project concepts.

As investor and project developer, gsp STÄDTEBAU is a master of the triumvirate of project concept, financing and property. And within this triumvirate, strong partnerships are forged and sustained with, for example, commercial customers, housing agencies, property funds, joint-stock companies, insurance firms as well as private property owners.

Factor influencing property development.

Projektentwicklung mit Kostenbeeinflussungskurve gsp Diagramm gsp Diagramm Kurve gsp Diagramm gsp Diagramm

Cost controllability

Project progress



Project management


Construction commencement


Planning costs

Cost of land

Planning costs

Construction costs

Operating costs

Successful project development eliminates the (cost) risks of a real estate project. The graphic above illustrates the necessity of sustainable planning, beginning with the initiation of the project: the early stage of a project's development has the greatest influence on the subsequent development of costs.

gsp STÄDTEBAU, as a leading project developer, takes charge of all phases of a project's development – beginning with the obtainment of building permits and through all phases of the project, from design to completion; from the marketing and management of the completed project to the delivery of the property's key to the intended user.

Project Management.

Project management is ‘the planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project, and the motivation of those involved, to achieve the project objectives within the expected performance targets for time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risks.’

Source: PRINCE2:2009 (Projects in Controlled Environments), English Glossary, Version 1.1, last update: 22.9.2012.

Concept and Marketing.

Due to the focus on the user as the linchpin of the value chain, the concept and marketing of the property play a prominent role.

Risk analyses and feasibility studies (including the appropriate expert assessments as well as the consideration of legal particularities and requirements) are an integral aspect of the initiation of a project. gsp STÄDTEBAU possesses recognized expertise in approaching, handling and working with the relevant authorities and partners.

gsp STÄDTEBAU never loses sight of the needs of the property purchaser. And this is true for all partners, from institutional investors to first-time homebuyers. Therefore, the objectives gsp STÄDTEBAU pursues are:

  • a sustainable architecture and building fabric

  • long-term investment security for the entire lifecycle of the property and

  • a high level of adaptability for use by third parties.

Example 1:

A joint-stock company looking for office space for the new headquarters and staff.

The design concept of the property includes measures corresponding to the requirements of the institutional partner. The needs and desires of the firm are already factored in during the planning phase.

Example 2:

A housing agency looking for a partner for the construction of a new residential complex.

gsp STÄDTEBAU assumes the urban planning and socio-political expectations and responsibilities associated with the creation of quality, tailored and affordable rental housing.

Example 3:

A private customer looking for a new home.

gsp STÄDTEBAU also understands the value of property from a personal point of view: a home is a haven as well as a location of representation and identification. gsp STÄDTEBAU gives private customers purchasing of a new home solid advice and support throughout all crucial stages. This includes the purchase decision and financing, the fulfillment of special requests, and a multi-tiered, standardized review and acceptance process leading up to the transferal the residence.

Example 4:

An investor looking of a good investment.

Investors looking for a high level of investment security find a solid investment opportunity coupled with above-average yield in the properties of gsp STÄDTEBAU. The security of the investment is due, to a great extent, to the holistic approach during the development of the project: sustainable planning, architecture and realization are indispensable for value creation.