Grand Tower

tallest residential high-rise.

Grand Tower, Frankfurt am Main


EDEN Frankfurt's
youngest residential high-rise

EDEN, Frankfurt am Main

High Park Potsdamer Platz

The three assertive towers
of central Berlin.

High Park, Berlin

Bernburger Strasse 32

Architecture is an expression
of quality and sustainability.

Bernburger Strasse 32, Berlin

Hamburger Museum

Value creation
based on user orientation.

IMMH, Hamburg


High quality properties
create quality of life for
their inhabitants.

Maximilianstrasse, Berlin

Good project development always keeps an eye on more than just the property.

What constitutes a good piece of property? One that fulfils the needs and demands of those using it – in every way, from the moment the planning begins and throughout the entire period of use. For the tenant as well as the operator. The buyer as well as the landlord. A sustainable utilization concept is the first step to ensuring the firm, viable foundation of a property.

gsp STÄDTEBAU is one of the leading project development companies in Berlin, a position that the firm has held for over two decades, ever since entering the field in 1992. gsp STÄDTEBAU is a proven and reliable partner for all aspects of property development, from project initiation to risk assessment, from project management to the marketing and transfer of property.

Good project developers are jacks of all trade and specialists in one. Attributes gsp STÄDTEBAU not only claims to have, but promises to deliver. Through professional communication with all project stakeholders from all fields and trades involved. Through the commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of quality, both during project implementation as well as from the viewpoint of the property users. Premium project development requires professional expertise, reliability, and a good hand with a broad range of people – gsp STÄDTEBAU delivers that and more.

Project experience.

gsp STÄDTEBAU specializes in property development for housing, hotels, offices and public buildings. A selection of projects is presented below.


Residential quarter Frankenthal

Frankenthal, 51.000 qm

gsp Staedtebau develops the main part of the former REAL property in Frankenthal Studernheim. sp plans to build a residential quarter with approx. 140 terraced and semi-detached houses and approx. 60 subsidised flats on the approx. 51,000 m² site.



Frankfurt am Main, 80.000 qm

In Frankfurt's Mertonviertel, an important inner-city residential quarter with more than 1,000 apartments is being developed, which is to become lively, future-oriented and livable.


Grand Tower

Frankfurt am Main, 44.000 m²

The tallest residential building in Germany will soon tower 172 meters above the entrance to Frankfurt's European Quarter ("Europaviertel"):
47 floors with space for 401 residential units, from small apartments and practical family residences to exclusive penthouses.


High Park – Potsdamer Platz

Berlin-Tiergarten, 22.000 m²

Friedrichstraße and the Mall of Berlin on Leipziger Platz are just a few steps away: the new residential building on Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade will house approximately 200 attractive two-room as well as spacious three- and four-room apartments.


Maximilianstrasse 15

Berlin-Lichtenberg, 4.400 m²

Perfect for young families. Located in one of the most beautiful residential areas of Lichtenberg, in close proximity to the neighborhood of Friedrichshain and the river Spree. With top-quality building materials and timeless architecture, gsp STÄDTEBAU has created a true eye-catcher and enrichment to the neighborhood.


Thulestrasse 40

Berlin-Pankow, 4.400 m²

Quiet living in Pankow, yet within walking distance to Kollwitzplatz. The modern architecture of the building reflects the sophistication and quality of its amenities and features.



Berlin-Friedrichshain, 5.150 m²

Rigaer Straße 67 is in the new heart of a traditional Berlin neighborhood. The residential building in Friedrichshain combines timeless architecture with the modern requirements of urban life.


Scandic Hotel, Berlin

Berlin-Tiergarten, 30.000 m²

The first hotel to receive a Silver Certificate from the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). With the Scandic Hotel in Berlin, gsp STÄDTEBAU has fully and persuasively met the needs and requirements of the Swedish contractor. The Scandinavian flavor of the architecture is echoed in the Swedish interior design of the hotel's 565 rooms.


Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Hamburg-Speicherstadt, 22.000 m²

gsp STÄDTEBAU has transformed the architecturally impressive 19th century building, with its exemplary neo-Gothic brick facade, into a museum structure fit for one of today's most important maritime collections.


Bernburger Str. 32

Berlin-Kreuzberg, 1.800 m²

Distinguished architecture with excellent space efficiency and plenty of light for a first-rate work environment at Potsdamer Platz.


Oberbaum City

Berlin-Friedrichshain, 215.900 m²

Conversion of a former industrial complex into a unique and inviting location of notable commercial and residential amenity value.


Park Kolonnaden am Potzdamer Platz

Berlin-Tiergarten, 75.000 m²

Located in the new heart of Berlin, the Park Kolonnaden is distinguished by a technically sophisticated architecture featuring a free-standing frontage building and a series of subsequent, interconnected office buildings, the latter of which anchor the structural continuity of the ensemble.


Unter den Linden 74

Berlin-Mitte, 17.500 m²

Here, gsp STÄDTEBAU has reduced superfluous design elements to create a truly exceptional building with exemplary precision of form: the natural stone façade and clear-cut, large-scale openings convey a representative ambiance complementary to the building's business and residential use.


Neues Kranzler Eck

Berlin-Charlottenburg, 74.500 m²

Recipient of the AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Award. Built in 2000, this office building is still ahead of its time. Now as then, it is a synonym for the power of innovation as well as the openness to new technological developments.



Berlin-Treptow, 200.000 m²

Conversion and redevelopment of a former industrial site into center for services and insurance products.

Architecture for people.

Architecture is the determining force of a piece of property. It is an expression of quality and sustainability. Architecture has the power of earning and increasing value, providing it never loses sight of the user of the property. gsp STÄDTEBAU unfailingly works with renowned, reputable and internationally experienced architects and, consequently, over the past decades the projects of gsp STÄDTEBAU have assisted in shaping the present-day appearance of the nation's capital. Neues Kranzler Eck, Treptowers, Park Kolonnaden and Hotel Scandic (both at Potsdamer Platz) – names, one and all, that speak for themselves.

The residential buildings developed by gsp STÄDTEBAU observe the needs of the users as well as the future development of the city. High-quality development also translates into quality of living for the residents: this includes maintaining high standards (for example, KfW 70 energy-efficiency construction and silver certification from the DGNB [German Sustainable Building Council]), as well as the integration of the special needs of the property purchaser and/or challenging property locations.

Recent News.

  • Frankfurt am Main, June 13th 2022

The Mertonviertel gets a lively residential quarter

In Frankfurt's Mertonviertel, an important inner-city residential quarter with more than 1,000 apartments is being developed, which is to become lively, future-oriented and livable.

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For prospective purchasers.

The timelessly modern architecture of the projects of gsp STÄDTEBAU reflects the high standards in quality and the attention to real needs and use.
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