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Acquisition of property.

Over the past 20 years, the projects of gsp STÄDTEBAU, an equity-financed undertaking, have had substantial influence on the urban fabric – for example, the Neue Kranzler Eck or the Treptowers in Berlin. Residential projects such as Rigart67 on Rigaer Street, likewise in Berlin, not only create new neighborhood centers, but also combine timeless architecture with the modern requirements of urban life.

gsp STÄDTEBAU seeks building plots:

  • Of varying size and location, ranging from inner-city vacant lots to abandoned urban property and wasteland.

  • Good sales revenues and quick sales processing.

gsp STÄDTEBAU develops architectural and urban development concepts for private landowners who want to realize a business idea as a joint venture. Whether in the role of project developer, idea generator or investor, gsp STÄDTEBAU brings established expertise to all aspects of a project.

With gsp STÄDTEBAU, property contractors benefit not only from the profits and value of the new property, but gain a strong partner that assumes responsibility for meeting all social and urban planning expectations and demands.

Should you have a property available to sell, or property that you would like to use for a joint venture with gsp STÄDTEBAU, please contact us.