80% of Apartments at High Park Already sold

High Park – Berlin, Potsdamer Platz
  • Berlin, March 25th 2016

    Last plot at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz

    Currently, the last plot at Berlin’s famous Potsdamer Platz is being given a use: there will be two towers and a timber-framed block with up to 14 floors. The building, designed by Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, will provide space for 165 owner-occupied apartments, 38 boarding apartments and 9 commercial premises. The building is planned to be ready for occupancy in 2017.
    After starting the sales by ZABEL Property AG, 20 percent of apartments had been sold by the end of August 2015; just seven months later, it is already at 80 percent.
    Technically, the construction project is a challenging task; the residential building is ultimately being built over the U2 underground train line. Work on the 22,000m² construction project will be carried out whilst the U2 continues to operate and there should be no disruption to service. Thanks to sophisticated engineering, the superstructure work was easy. Meanwhile, everyone involved in the building process was able to mark topping out with a celebration in March.

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