Grand Tower in Frankfurt is growing

Grand Tower in Frankfurt is growing
  • Frankfurt am Main, May 26th 2017

    Currently, there is a high level of operation on the construction site of the Grand Tower in Frankfurt. The foundation work has been already completed and the building is now rising visibly.

    At the beginning of the construction of the Grand Tower, the foundation piles were driven down to 45 meters. Visitors could only guess what actually happened on the construction site. Although the pile constructions had a diameter of about 1.70 meters and were hardly to be overlooked, most of the work went underground. Even building the massive 1.80-meter-high base plate only got attention due to the seemingly endless number of trucks, delivering the concrete.

    Now, however, the Grand Tower is growing visibly. The mark of 20 meters is already crossed and the shape of the tower and the adjoining parking building is clearly distinguishable.
    From now on, the core of the building will grow first and the ceilings below will follow. The construction of the Grand Tower will reach a height of more than 170 meters. From a certain point of construction it will be hard to follow all the details happening atop the building. However, it will be easy to monitor how new floors are added in a two-week rhythm and how the wind shields attached to the building climb higher and higher.

    It will still take some time until the construction workers reach the 47th floor and the technical floors built on it. The plan for the parking building has a different schedule. As the plan foresees it, the ceiling of parking deck is scheduled to be reached and completed this year.

    While the work on the Grand Tower is proceeding rapidly, the new flat owners can explore the newly completed showroom. After all, around 80 percent of the apartments have already been allocated. There is space and leisure to decide about the interior of the apartments. At the same time, the showroom serves as a retreat for new buyers to discuss the purchase decision with our Frankfurt sales team.

Grand Tower showroom
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